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  • Unblock any content you want
  • Connect via 43+ secure virtual locations
  • 600+ fast and stable servers
  • Stay anonymous and protect your data
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The best of the best.

I love it. This app is the best. I downloaded approximately 14 other similar apps and none of them worked the way they supposed to. This app works perfectly awesome

What comes with Browsec VPN for iPhone and iPad

Unrestricted access

Stream and download anything you want, visit any site, and bypass geographical restrictions.

Complete anonymity

No more worries about your personal information: Browsec hides it from malicious ISPs.

High speed

Enjoy the fastest Internet speed with Browsec Premium: surf at maximum speed.

Handy VPN client

The app is always here for you: switch it on and off in one click.

How to install a VPN app

Get a VPN for iPhone in 3 easy steps:

Open Apple App Store

Go to the Browsec VPN page on App Store

Set up the application

Tap Get to download and install the app

Launch the app

Tap the Browsec icon on your home screen

Switch Browsec on

Tap the Browsec icon on your home screen, then tap the switch to turn it ON

Get the best of mobile browsing

Data encryption

You may feel safe using public Wi-Fi spots, as Browsec securely hides your private data and shields banking operations.

Incognito browsing mode

Take anonymity to the next level and hide anything that can identify you: logins, passwords, IP addresses – you name it.

Protection at all times

The VPN service reactivates automatically when you reboot your iPhone or iPad.

Adjust VPN configuration to your taste

Choose a proxy for Internet connection

You can choose any server and be sure you won’t be interrupted by an unexpected disconnection.

Keep an iOS VPN with you at all times

You can use the VPN on any iPhone and iPad model you have.

Set up a handy widget

With the widget on your home screen, connecting to VPN is twice as easy.

What is on people’s minds

Rated 4.7 out of 5 based on 5 700+ reviews on App Store
The best of the best.

I love it. This app is the best. I downloaded approximately 14 other similar apps and none of them worked the way they supposed to. This app works perfectly awesome
Loving it

Just amazing!!! If you travel to a country with blocked apps this will be your best friend. Especially for videocalls if you are in the emirates.
Great app!

Free with occasional low priced high speed premium vpn. Love it!
Try it guys

Browsec is the best VPN app ever, excellent job developers 👍 keep going
Works seamlessly

Tried many times in diff countries, never fails

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Browsec Premium on multiple devices?
Yes, you can. A subscription covers up to 5 devices simultaneously. Create a Browsec account and log in to the app on the device where you have the Premium plan. After doing that, you’ll have the premium version on any device where you log in to your Browsec account. It can be an iOS app, an Android app, or a browser plugin
I want to test the trial version, but I’m asked to enter my payment information. Why is that?
You don’t have to worry. You won’t be charged for anything when you subscribe to the trial version for the first time. You will have to pay for the service only if you keep your subscription longer than 7 days. If you cancel the subscription during the trial period, you won’t be charged.
It’s said the app is free, but I’m offered to purchase it. Why?
You can use the first 4 servers on the list absolutely for free: the Netherlands, Singapore, the UK, and the USA. If you want to use servers in other countries, you will be asked to buy the premium account or test the free trial version for 7 days.
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